Summer hues and hopes-Kowloon, 2014

"It’s a Dark and Shiny place
But with you, my Dear
I’m Safe, and
We’re a Million Miles away” 
- Karen O, The Moon Song

Choo Choo ; Reliving my Childhood #PARKingDaySG #ParkandPlay #whereistand  (at Liang Seah Street)
No words for Now, but We’ll be back Soon for a chat or two. Xoxo, Hr & Checks #Checkerschecks
19th January 2014, My Bestfriend’s Wedding
Saturday bunnies; kampong glam, symmetry, 2013


By gigglemenot on Saturday, June 1st, 2013

He left her standing there,
Stone cold, in a disarray, Alone
In the empty black hole,
A sorry excuse for a Heart

Post 2008 #singapore #igsg #instadaily
The view beyondNaksan park, Seoul, Winter 2013
Lines, Specks, Green, GrownMetal walk board walk, Grant Associates, Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, 2013
Densely, intricately, IntertwinedSempervivum, Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, 2013

Flowers to say, I Love You

Memories, Quiet moments, days in the sun

Standing tall, barely stumbling.
Faces full of laughter
the air fills with giggles, incoherent conversations.

Just a drink, or maybe three too many.
head still clear, senses foggy.

In this stolen chance, let the world slip away.
No words, no guilt, no judgement.
Just a part of me, and whats left for you.

Tomorrow you’ll forget, but for now, hold my hand

Perhaps one day, I’ll be worth more
Than this moment of misdemeanor